Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Friday Finds - Crocodiles & Al E Gator!

Here are some snappy Funky Friday Finds!

1. Kojo the Croc - Zoobies Pets (3-in-1 plush character, pillow & blanket)
2. Crocodile Magnet Clip - Kids Gift List (Bright & funky jungle animal magnet)
3. Al E Gator - (Minky dot boo boo rice heat bag)
4. Fabler Krokodil - Ikea (soft toy)
5. 'Snippy' the baby crocodile - Secret Gully (Interactive and educational soft stuffed Aust Wildlife toys for imaginative play)
6. Crocodile Isle - Jump City (Inflatable water park)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Having a love of all things monsters, especially with two little monsters of my own, I couldn't resist sharing this absolutely gorgeous find from MiniStyle. What little boy wouldn't love a set of these Monster Lights lighting up in their room. These quirky felt puppet lights are cute & friendly by day, spooooky scary by night! There are 20 mini monster puppet lights hanging on a 6 metre light string and can be all yours (or mine!) for $49.95

MiniStyle is a chic online boutique who stock gorgeous designer kids clothing, beautiful gifts, unique toys and more. Check out their website at for a whole range of gorgeous items for your kids! You can also follow their blog at The Monster Lights are a Best Seller on their site and have just been restocked. They were even featured in the Shop 4 Kids 09 magazine. They are definitely being added to the boys birthday/christmas wish list this year!