Monday, April 11, 2011

Melbourne Baby & Toddler Show

One of my Funky Monsters and I took a trip together to check out The Baby & Toddler Show in Melbourne held over the weekend. It was a nice and rare outing just for the two of us. I figured there would be lots for me to see and check out as well as things to keep my little man occupied as well. It's so nice to spend the time one-on-one chatting together, sharing a little treat ... and me having to answer a million and one questions (the kid doesn't come up for air)!!

It was a great little afternoon outing. I met some friends, new and old, discovered lots of new products I didn't know existed, watched Shrek & Fiona dance (a little awkwardly!), learnt more about a few things I had heard of but didn't know a lot about and got some great gift ideas for newborns and upcoming birthdays for little ones. Here is a snap shot of our little trip:

Stopped by the EJ Kids stall to chat with my lovely friend Rose and met the lovely Michelle from Wholesale Baby as well!

The idea of Modern Cloth Nappies has been growing on me so I stopped by the Bambooty stall to ask a few questions and discovered they also make night nappies. Thinking of converting to MCN night nappies for the littlest monster. They feel so soft and comfy!

I didn't know they made little Ducati's to match the 'Big Kids' Ducati's!

All my little monster wanted was an umbrella, and we found one! What a bargain too - $3 from SparkleT.

I hadn't attended one of these shows before but I think it is well worth the visit if you are pregnant or already parents of babies and toddlers. There are so many great products that you can try & buy, and it's a great start to researching all of the funky things you need for your little ones.

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