Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Special Request

Prior to announcing my break from sewing I had a special request from a lovely customer that I just couldn't refuse. Kylie enquired whether I could make a pair of booties for her daughter's christening to match her gown. I was honoured to be asked to do this! But there was a little twist ... would I be able to make a pair of booties that were reversible that would also match her after-party dress?? Hmmm ... had to put my thinking cap on for this one!

Kylie sent me through a description of the materials and colours as well as pictures of her baby's two dresses to help me. To be honest, it had me totally stumped. I had often thought of making some christening booties and introducing them to my range but hadn't quite gotten there. I always pictured plain booties made of white or off-white satin, most likely in the Mary Jane style with a matching satin flower to finish it off nicely. Quite a simple look but enough to really finish off a gorgeous christening outfit.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for exactly the right fabric, changing my mind numerous times. Kylie wanted a pair of reversible Mary Jane style booties but I just wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I experimented with a couple of ideas, cutting and throwing out some pieces, sewing then unpicking others, slipping and sliding as I was trying to sew lace over satin (!) but somehow it all came together in the end.

And here they are ......

The end product was nowhere near the vision I had started with at the beginning but I was more than happy with the outcome! The booties are now on their way to Kylie for her little bubba's big day. I can't wait to hear what Kylie thinks of them and am hoping she'll send me a photo to share of the complete outfit.

I'm not convinced I'll ever work with satin and lace again ... we'll have to see about that ;)

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  1. Stunning :D I think you decided upon the perfect fabric. They look fantastic


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