Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lucky Kinda Gal

Well, aren't I just a lucky kinda gal! Over the last few months I have had a run of good luck, which is a nice change. My family and I live a moderate life, we certainly are luckier than some but are also paying a mortgage, budgeting and watching our pennies wisely like most of us have to. So it's nice to get a little something for nothing every now and again.

Since discovering the world of blogs, I have been a little trigger happy entering all the great giveaways there are. I love it! Although I must admit, there are times where I do find it hard to keep up! My first prize was a Piper+Lily fabric necklace from a Hip Little One giveaway. This went to my lucky niece (the only one so far in a family full of boys!) and was a great match for her brand new outfit. It is quite ironic that this was the first giveaway I won, having no girls of my own. I don't enter giveaways and competitions just for the sake of it and usually the prizes of choice are either goodies for my little monsters or myself, or those I can make use of for my Funky Monsters range such as gorgeous fabrics.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my husband called with some fantastic news. When he went to work on Monday a colleague asked him if he had watched The Garden Gurus on Channel 9 Sunday evening. My husband replied 'No' to which his colleague responded "So I guess you don't know that you won their competition then" And the prize .... $3000 worth of grass!! Now some of you might be reading this thinking that's a strange prize or wondering if it really is anything to be excited about ... but it is! We have recently moved into our first brand new home, newly built and the only thing we have a lot of, is dirt! My husband entered the competition before we moved and had forgotten all about it. No wonder, there have been so many competitions we have entered at all the home and garden shows we have been to over the last couple of years. So yes, this is a fantastic prize for us and will mean we can finish off our front and rear yards. I suppose I can't take all the credit for this prize but it definitely benefits me (and my bank balance!).

And finally, last night I received an email to advise that I was the lucky winner of the latest giveaway run on the Little Sooti blog. The prize: a beanie and pair of leg warmers of choice from I Heart Baby. This one is for The Cheeky Monkey!

But these are not the first prizes I have won. This time last year I won the Good Friday raffle at our local fish n chip shop, winning a hamper full of delicious chocolate goodies and I also won a signed James Blunt CD from Fox FM a few years before that. I think that makes up for the time I won a TV Hits magazine competition and never received my prize!! I was a devastated early teen that never received my Martika poster and CD!!

But even without winning these competitions, I do consider myself a lucky gal! I have a wonderful husband and 2 healthy beautiful children. What more could I really ask for!

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  1. Love your post Nic...I have also been entering heaps of comp's on blogs wins yet, but crossing my fingers!