Sunday, March 21, 2010

Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal

The 2010 Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal will be held on Friday 2nd April. As well all know, the aim is to raise money for The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and to ensure that all children with life threatening illnesses receive the best possible medical and clinical care.

Although we are fortunate enough that our children are not suffering serious or life threatening illnesses, we have spent time at the RCH and know many others that have done the same. If you have ever been to the RCH you will know the fantastic work they do and the wonderful people that make it happen. They treat more than 280,000 children each year. They really make it a place for children to feel like they have some sort of normal life and to keep entertained and have some fun. Just the way they set up the waiting rooms shows you how they feel about their little patients. They also make an enormous effort to look after the parents of sick children as well.

This year Funky Monsters will be supporting the RCH Good Friday Appeal in a number of ways:

  • From today until midnight on Good Friday, $5 from every pair of booties we sell will be donated to the appeal.
  • To encourage you to buy more booties, we also have a special offer -buy any 2 pair of booties for $25 (normally $32) and $10 will be donated.

So if you need booties for your little monster, a baby shower gift, a gift for a newborn or you just want to spoil your grand kids, nieces or nephews now is a better time than any to get your hands on a pair of our booties. There are many great styles to choose from with more to come throughout the week & custom orders are also welcome. To start shopping click here.

We will also be donating a number of booties and appliqued onesies & tees to be sold or auctioned off at a RCH Good Friday Appeal fundraiser at the Tungamah Hotel (held on Good Friday). Last year the pub raised $16,000 for the appeal, #16th in the Top Pubs & Clubs list. This appeal is close to the hearts of owners Peter & Helen Chisnall and many of the locals in the Tungamah and surrounding areas.

Please help us support this great cause and also help to spread the word! Be sure to check out the RCH Good Friday Appeal website for information on ways you can make a donation, events & activities leading up to and on the day, merchandise available and much more here.

If taking advantage of our special offer, please wait for an updated invoice to be sent with updated costs prior to making payment. Offer excludes postage costs.


  1. I have so far raised $30 through the sale of our booties. I will also be donating 4 Funky Monster gift sets at the Tungamah Pub on Good Fri for them to either sell or auction on the dat. Will keep you posted on how much we raise!

  2. Update: Funky Monsters is proud to have raised $35 through the sale of my booties and donated $75 worth of gift sets to the Tungamah Hotel for their Good Friday Appeal auction. As a family we also purchased goodies on the day and donated money to this great cause. There has been no official 2010 tally released for the Tungamah Hotel but I'm pleased to let you know that they at least matched last years total. Prior to the auction finishing on the day, there were a couple more items waiting to be sold to add to the tally and it's possible there was an additional $3000 to be added to their total. It was a great day and a great effort from the locals and all who visited the pub on the day. Well done!